View From Your Mother

The other day a hashtag was launched #SignsYourChildIsSmarterThanYou and it was a lovely thought provoking exercise in all the ways I think you are better as a person than I am.

It didn’t take me long to rattle off the qualities of you in which I feel you have learned more about life than I have.

  • He believes service should not require acknowledgement
  • He’s is comfortable being alone. Doesn’t feel the need to be “with” someone all the time.
  • He knows the difference between “needs” and “wants”
  • He only spends time on what is worth his time. Anything out of his control he dismisses
  • He has no vices
  • He has a savings account larger than mine

I don’t often get the chance to tell you the ways you impress and amaze me, but even if I did, I think you would brush it off. If there are moments in which you second guess yourself know that there are these points in which I think you’ve matured as a person that took me decades to achieve. And you only got there in 18 years! It is amazing. I cannot take credit for these fully, but I know your father and I laid the foundation in how we chose to educate you and the time spent with you and the people we allowed in your life to influence you.

The rest of life’s journey you will be making the choices in which you further grow as a person. Where you are now gives me every confidence you are well on your way to become the best person you can be.