This is usually an ‘About’ page.

However, the blog itself is an ‘About’ of its author in long form.

So essentially, this page is pointless.


Check back every once in a while as I may  post ::BONUS:: content on this page.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I just discovered your website and finished reading your last post. I am amazed how eloquent you are and believe it or not, I believe the same way! Is there a way we can comment on each post? I’m fairly new at this and would like to encourage you to keep writing. You are a breath of fresh air!


    1. That is most kind of you. I started this blog as a series of notes to my son who is at the age where nothing I say carries weight. I did not intend to open this blog for comments because the purpose of my notes are directed to him. At some point, when I am no longer here, he will be directed to this site for these notes. My one life’s regret was failing to get to know my parents as folks with something worthy to share from their own experience. Little wisdoms, advice, and whatnot are my intent to help guide him along when he is open to it.

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