Little Wisdoms

I was reading Jim Gaffigan’s “Food: A Love Story” and he mentioned that if you knew you were going to die tomorrow would you be eating a bag of crappy food or would you eat the best meal possible?  He says it best as:

“We want to leave the people here with the knowledge that we have loved them dearly but also that we have no regrets and lived our lives to their fullest. Therefore, I conclude that we should be full. Full of something delicious.”

With that, I recommend that every meal should be treated as if it were your last. Don’t waste it on regrettable choices. Choose options that exemplify that you care about yourself and a happy eating experience.

Never choose form over function in terms of clothing. Buy clothes that are well made with quality materials and are durable.  You will be paying more for the items but over time as you still have them, it pays off in the end.  You won’t be buying as often.

In terms of shoes, it is the same; but also comfort should always trump quality and style. Never buy a pair of shoes which will cause you to put them in the back of your closet because they pinch or are ill fitting.

When buying a winter coat always think worst case scenario in terms of weather and make sure the coat can handle the lowest extreme temperature. If possible, go for one which has a removable inner lining so that you can get more wear for the seasons.

Never have less than a pack and a half of toilet paper in your house. Period.

Always have at least 10 bars of soap on hand and always buy the jumbo bars. Should you ever be out of work you have a supply you are not having to restock.

When you run out of things you use daily – like shampoo, conditioner, laundry supplies, deodorant, dish soaps, razors, or shaving creme – the next grocery visit you should be buying two of the item you just finished. That way you have a spare always.

Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You end up overbuying and picking foods you wouldn’t otherwise purchase.

The best time to shop in a city like ours is early Saturday or Sunday mornings because people are more likely sleeping in or off at church. Aisles are less crowded and you can shop in peace. The only exceptions will be holiday weekends. In which case, go the Thursday evening before.  In larger cities all bets are off as to the perfect time.

When you purchase sheet sets always to for the highest quality thread count you can and a set which boasts “no pilling”. If you go cheap they will not last long and they will “pill” (meaning there will be little balls stuck to the fabric you will be constantly picking off with each launder).

Baking is so much easier for cleanup if you use non stick aluminum foil. AND… you do not have to oil or butter your baking vessel which is healthier than having all that excess fat in your diet.

Conserve water and try to do your laundry the same time once per week. Like every Saturday. Do not do what your father does and have a load to do every other day. It is wasteful.

If you do buy anything on credit make sure you are able to pay over the minimum suggested payment so you can pay it off faster and you aren’t being socked for unnecessary interest payments. When you get to the last payment, pay a couple pennies over the last payment amount.  They cannot hold a positive balance for over 30 days so in a month they will have to cut you a check for the overage amount which will cost them more than the reimbursement. That is your little kick in the shin to them for charging you interest payments.

Keep a spreadsheet of who you send Christmas cards to each year with their current addresses and phone numbers. This is handy to have for birthdays as well as other gift giving occasions. Keep a card library and sort by occasion (Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, Just Because, Blank, Thank You, etc) Always have a surplus on hand in case you forget. Then you don’t have to run to the store in a last minute panic.

Do the same with gift-wrap. Have plenty of options on standby with coordinating ribbon and bows. When you use up the coordinating ribbon/bows but still have wrap leftover, go out when convenient, and restock what you are missing.

Invest in a sturdy desktop tape dispenser which can be refillable. Saves on what you send to the landfill in the end.

If you ever get a dog or a cat, remember that consistency and routine are the best to solidify training. And with cats, if you disrupt their routine they will become threatened in their sense of security and they will act out to protect their space by “marking”.