I wish for you an epic love

Love is such a wild thing. Like Al Green says:

Love and happiness (yeah)
Something that can make you do wrong
Make you do right

Love has so many levels and I hope you find and embrace every level. Finding friends for whom you love beyond reason. People you would be willing to lay your very life down for if necessary. And then of course the love you get filled with passion and devotion.

I can say with some confidence if you open your heart to let in love in all forms your whole being glows.

You may even find when thinking on it, you are near tears with the overwhelming emotion it brings. No matter what the level.

I have dear friends whom I love and care for deeply. I would gladly give all that I have to assure they are happy and they are loved. They are my extended family.

And speaking of family, familial love is such a bond that is your haven. Your home. No one knows you more and will support you more than your family. When life has you up against the wall, they have your back and they will do whatever it takes to get you out of your hole and get you back to center. Your parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all have your back.

But then as you go along in life you will find that network of friends who become your family away from family with whom you would donate a kidney or anything they need to see that they are happy and healthy as they would you. I wish that for you so very much.

But mostly I do hope you find the love(s) of your life. That epic intimate love which sets your passion aflame, inspires you to be more than you are and that person you would devote your all toward. That romantic love which inspires you to greatness.

There will and should not be just one. For you I wish for many. Soulmates, those who get your geeks, your kinks and your values. Those who see you at your best and worst and still find you fascinating and sexy and everything wonderful.

Those who do listen when you speak, console you in your sorrows, pull you up when you are down. Those who find you worth loving even when you feel not worthy of such.

Never settle for anything less than that, in your friends, your family and your lover(s).

You know it is true love when you think of them over and above your immediate needs. When you put all that aside and they become your focus. Your needs are totally secondary to theirs. That is when you know that you are fully loving.

Some loves you may encounter may not work out and you will go your separate ways but the tie that binds you is strong. That is a devoted love. Hold onto that because it is so worth it.

I would love that you could have a view into my heart to see how much love has affected me and whom I would give my all for at any given chance. Love fills your soul with a warmth and fulfillment that nothing else can. When you have this love, no matter what happens you will always be happy and grateful.

There are many directions of love. Bi-directional — which means it goes both ways and uni-directional — which means a one way love; where perhaps you may love one but that love is not returned, or one loves you and you cannot return it. For the first of the uni-directional, never let that embitter your heart. Keep your heart open and giving, because in time, it will be worth it. For the second of the uni-directional, be respectful of the love that is given to you and never be an ass about it. Receiving love is a gift and should never be taken for granted. Be sensitive to that kind of love but be ever honest in a graceful and giving way if you cannot return it in the same manner.

Love is currency. The more you have/give the richer your life will be.

And just know when you love and it is not returned, do not close your heart. Keep it open for there will be new opportunities. Your heart will be marked with virtual tattoos of each kind. The more the walls of your heart is decorated, the richer your life experience is.