The meaning of life

People search endlessly for the answer to the ultimate question.

“Why am I here?”

It has taken me 44 years to get to the answer and the answer is this….

You are here to impact others in either positive or negative ways in order to leverage them into higher versions of themselves.

What does that mean exactly?

It means this –

You are a people maker.  Your actions and reactions to the people in your life at any given point in the timeline that is your life will motivate them to become better people. Sometimes you must deal harsh blows which shake a person into changes to ultimately better themselves or you will inspire people to soar to new heights.

In a sense it is not about you, that is, your life. Your life is about others. It is about fostering growth and change.

The example that you set does leave a mark on those who surround you. You can be the example to which others aspire or you can be the lesson to which others declare, “I don’t want to be like you.”  And as life would have it, you can be both.

Case in point, me.  I am a generous giver, a thoughtful, humorous, conscientious person who is riddled with neuroses, negativity and bad habits which serve both purposes. To inspire and motivate.

How does this work in my case?

For those around me my work ethic, my sense of justice inspires good deeds for others to follow suit. Yet, in the same vein, my weaknesses, obsessions and addictions serve as a lesson of what not to do in life.

There will come a time in your life where you feel you do not matter. To the world or to anyone. But I do say this, watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Yes, the old black and white film starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.  It shows that you do have impacts. A kindness you extend to someone in passing may leave a mark on their soul which changes their life for the better.

A condemnation from you, to another, may give that person pause to rethink their path in order to make changes for the better.

You do matter. You, in your unique way, touch people and initiate change.

Change is good.  For some, negative change may not seem positive for them in the immediate, but down the road, it does serve as a positive.  Time serves in that lesson.

Should you deliver a harsh blow, never ever think back on it with regret. Just let time work it out. There is a reason you had to do what you needed to do or say what you needed to say which was received poorly. Just trust that in the end, time will teach the lesson.

Conversely, you must also keep aware that others are impacting you in the same way. That harsh instructor you had in school which made your semester a living hell? Ask yourself, what did you learn from him/her other than how you felt?  Did he/she motivate you to dig deep within yourself to meet his/her demands? Did you learn from him/her? Did you grow stronger? Develop a thicker skin for survival?

What about those who suffered around you? What did you learn from them? Did they teach you a new level of strength as you watched them struggle and persevere?  Did they uncover a weakness about yourself which made you rethink it and decide what really matters and what challenges in life really were? Did the small stuff finally present themselves as small stuff?

That golden boy/girl who inspires you and knocks your ever-living socks off in everything they touch. Did you find yourself thinking, “If they can do that, what can I achieve?”

This is the purpose of life. We are each others’ teachers, guides, muses and lessons. Learn and grow from all around you and impart the same on those who surround you.

For further reference… listen to this: